After all, why are people advised to put a bottle in the tire of the car?

In recent months, many warnings have appeared on social media, such as if you see a wire on the door handle of your car, if you see 1F on snow, if you see a coat rack in the bathroom. Let’s be careful if you find a USB charger in a hotel room, and even if you see a piece of cheese on your vehicle, it could put you at risk. Well, a new warning is issued stating: Tips for getting a bottle in a car tire and it looks like it needs some attention.

What is the truth of this viral post, “Advice to put a bottle in the tire of a car”?

According to the online portal, the advice to plug in a water bottle was first reported in South Africa, and since then there could be many reasons for doing so.
In early November 2021, an online ad showed a plastic bottle on the tire of a parked car that read:

“Always keep a plastic bottle with you when you park your tires.”

According to, we found these ads on various news websites, along with legitimate news stories, leading some readers to believe that plastic bottles should actually be in car wheels.

snopes clicked on the ad. This opened a 50-page slideshow article on the Richhouses website. It was titled:
“Car maintenance tips to keep your vehicle in perfect condition.”
The same article was also posted on, which also featured another photo of a plastic bottle on the tire of a parked car. has reviewed all 50 pages of both websites. Which revealed that this misleading ad was inspired by an ad reported in 2018. This also included plastic bottles, tires and parked cars.
According to which robbers often use this trick to steal the car or the driver’s belongings, usually by sticking empty containers or bottles on the steering wheel on the passenger side. And this robber’s trick can also work because when an unknown person is driving, he immediately stops after hearing the terrible sound of the bottle crushing. The sound of the unopened bursting bottle is so loud that the driver feels that his car is damaged, and in such situation, when the driver gets out of the car and bends down to look around the car, then the thief or robbers steal your stuff out of the car at once, because usually the drivers leave the car open without locking it. If this happens, the safest bet is to avoid turning your car engine off completely when you get out of the car, take out your key and hold it in your hand, and lock your car door. to move around in your vehicle.
However, no such case has been reported to date. has reviewed all 50 pages of both websites. In which the idea of ​​advising to put a bottle in the tire of the car while the car was parked was never mentioned. Basically, no, motorists are not required to put a plastic bottle on their tires when parked.
It was purely publicity material. Clickbait ads are designed to get readers to click through 50 pages without costing advertisers the cost of displaying the original ad on the ads viewed on each of the 50 pages. Can make more money.

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