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Chinese tech firm Baidu has launched its self-driving taxi service in Shenzhen city, marking the company’s first self-driving vehicle deployment in a densely populated region of China. And while human drivers are still sitting as a safety precaution, that may change in the future as technology advances.

Baidu’s autonomous driving unit (AD), Apollo, has obtained five licenses from Beijing authorities to test five self-driving cars in designated areas within the Chinese capital, without boarding.

Baidu has set up 50 different pickup and drop-off stations in Shenzhen, a city of 13 million people, and drive autonomously via a smartphone app called Apollo Go, according to a new China Daily state media report. can be called.

Beijing allowed the first self-driving taxis to take to the streets in November in what it has designated a “pilot zone”. Where vehicles can be tested by companies seeking regulatory approval. But Baidu isn’t the only self-driving vehicle company to offer taxi services in China. DeepRoute, and AutoX companies have also started testing their own robotic taxi rides.

Shenzhen is the seventh city where Baidu has launched its self-driving car services in China, and the company has set an ambitious goal to expand Apollo Go operations to 65 cities nationwide by 2025 and 100 cities by 2025. 2030.

Baidu driverless cabin
Taxi without driver Baidu – Robottaxi

This is the first time that Baidu enters a top-tier city center area in China. Nanshan District is one of the most densely populated areas in southern China and is home to countless large companies with a large demand for transportation services.

Baidu has released a new YouTube video showing its fleet of autonomous vehicles.

People have waited a long time for self-driving cars with the promises of American companies. But when it comes to delivering on these promises, it seems Americans aren’t really driving these cars.

Note :

  • Security drivers will be able to control each car remotely, if necessary, via a 5G mobile network,
  • The new licenses were granted by the Beijing joint regulatory body responsible for testing the CEO, which includes the city’s transportation and public safety offices.

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