WhatsApp’s new privacy settings – Hide about, last seen and profile pictures

WhatsApp is known to release new features from time to time, which help users to maintain their privacy with ease. Meta has made new changes to the privacy settings for WhatsApp so that users have more control over their privacy. These privacy settings are specific to users’ Hide About, Last Seen and Profile Photos on WhatsApp.

In general, you can choose between showing your profile pictures, last seen and status updates, all your contacts or whoever. The new update adds a new “Except My Contacts” option here.

The company had already hinted at this feature last year. Previously it was rolled out to beta testers and now this feature has been made available to end users. Recently, the company added a feature to the platform that allows chats to be transferred from an Android smartphone to an iPhone.

To go deeper into the new user privacy settings feature, there is a detailed description on the WhatsApp website. Frequently Asked Questions has been updated. Until now, users on Android and iOS had three options “Everyone”, “My Contacts” and “Nobody” under the About, Last Seen and Profile Picture privacy settings. Now they have another option ‘except My Contacts’ to select certain contacts from their address book and hide parts of their profile from them.

With the new option, WhatsApp users can now set their profile picture, last seen and other contact details to show all contacts except a few pre-selected people, who cannot see these elements even if they are contacts.

if you have you directory If you’ve added some contacts in WhatsApp, but don’t want to share your personal information with them, this new WhatsApp update will come in handy. Previously, you had to remove someone from your address book, block them, or set their visibility to ‘Nobody’ to prevent them from seeing your profile picture, last seen and about. The new privacy setting allows you to do this without much effort.

With the new option, WhatsApp now has a total of four privacy management settings. These are as follows.

Everybody:: Your last seen, profile picture, about or everything status whatsapp will be available to users.

My contacts : Your last seen, profile picture, about, or status is only available to your contacts from your address book.

My contacts except…: Your last seen, profile picture, about, or status is available to your contacts from your address book, except for contacts you exclude.

No oneYour About, Last Seen, and Profile Photos are not available to anyone.

In a new update, WhatsApp recently added new features for group conversations. These include banner notifications for people joining the conversation and the ability to mute and message individual people in a group conversation.

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