20 Best Cross Commands Every Chromebook User Should Know

Hi friends, you are all welcome to Tech Blog Hindi. Like Windows and many other applications, Chromebook OS also has its own command shell called Crosh. It is also known as Chrome Shell. You can’t access all commands without enabling developer mode, but it does give you access to important ones in general.

In this article, we will list a series of commands that can be used and executed together in Crosh. To open Krosh, you must first press Ctr+Alt+T on your keyboard. This opens the cross command screen where you can run any command you want.

Commands Goal of the Command
help out Displays a list of executable commands.
help_advanced Provides a list of advanced commands.
Help displays what the said command does.
uptime Shows the current runtime and the number of logged in users other than you.
Setting time sets the manual time.
ping Shows your ping on a particular website and also displays the IP address.
dns Finds a DNS server.
battery_test let you know the battery information.
connectivity checks your connection information.
entrance control This will not work on every device. Allows you to customize the mouse/touchpad controls.
Exit Close Crosh.
vmc start -enable-gpu Powerfully enables the GPU for Linux. It helps Linux to perform much better.
iPad -6 Displays the IPv6 address for your Chromebook.
ipadrs -4 As with the last command, it will list the IPv4 for your Chromebook.
top Lists all processes in your Chrome OS.
set_apn sets an APN to use mobile data.
modern help use this to configure the modem.
roll back returns to the previous update.
bt_console debug bluetooth console.
memory test let you know the available memory.
cross commands

These are all basic Crosh commands. You can easily do many things you want to do using these Crosh commands.

But if you want to go further, you can enable developer tools and use more commands like rlz, route, etc.
These commands are only for people who know what they are doing.

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