Some reasons why your pet itches: more common and treatments

No matter how many years of experience someone has with their pets, there always seems to be something new to learn each time. This was the case with my pet’s scabies.

I once sought advice from a professional about the various reasons why my dog was constantly scratching himself. Now, I realize that it is so important to share this information with other pet parents like me!

Why does a dog itch so much?

Fungal Dermatitis There are many types of fungal infections, one of the most common found in India is also known as ‘Fungal Cryptococcus’, it is most common in areas where birds like pigeons are found in large numbers. gather in. Now, this gathering of herds looks very beautiful, but our dogs cannot digest the soil around these areas as it can be toxic to their skin as well as their respiratory system. Which is great because I don’t really enjoy Max and Luna chasing these oblivious birds Tom Cruise-style.

Environmental Factors

Rainy Season  Monsoon is generally a fun time. Yet getting our excited pups wet in the rain can significantly suppress their immune systems, leading to skin infections and even itching in the dog. The air quality is not what it was years ago, and the rain water is also not at all clean. If this happens, the dog’s health may also be affected.

Plants and Flowers  There is a list of plant and flower species such as lilies and orchids that are very poisonous to dogs. A nice frame-worthy photo of your pup with flowers should be avoided at all costs!Wrong Shampoo  Every dog shampoo is designed differently. Some are good for shiny coat, and if you use such shampoo then it can also cause itch on the dog.

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