6 species of wild cats and where they are found

There are dozens of species of wild cats around the world. People know the big species like lion, tiger and leopard.
These species are distributed throughout the world from South America to Asia. Some of them have similar characteristics—they are all cats, after all.

Top 6 Wild Cat Species


Tiger and its population is decreasing every day. There are actually many different subspecies of tigers spread throughout the world.
Most of the remaining tigers today are located in India and belong to the Bengal subspecies.


Like tigers, lions also have subspecies. The entire species is labeled as vulnerable, but different subspecies have their own ratings.


Jaguar is another major big cat. They spend most of their time in the branches of forests, but they are also one of the few water-loving cats there.
The main habitats of the jaguar are the Amazon and parts of Brazil. Many jaguars are seen in the Pantanal, as this area is more easily accessible to humans.


The range of this big cat is very large. However, they have lost more than 75% of their historical range, and their species is in decline today. Currently, the best places to see leopards are parts of Africa.

5.Snow leopard

Snow leopards are known for their extremely large tails and solitary nature. Snow leopard is difficult to identify. People search for these animals for months, but are never able to see them.

6.Clouded Leopard

Like all other big cats. the clouded leopard is endangered. However, we don’t know exactly how endangered. Therefore, there is no accurate report of their population ther

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