How to keep cats away from flower beds naturally? very easy methods

Cats, if given free rein, can tear up flower beds. While some cats don’t care much for flower beds, other cats do pay attention to them and can do a lot of damage. There are several ways to keep cats out of flower beds and prevent them from using your flower beds as a litter box.

5 ways to keep cats away from flower beds

1. Motion Sprinkler

One of the easiest ways to keep cats away from a flower bed is to install a motion sprinkler. These sprinklers remain off for much of the time, but turn on when they sense motion. If your cat wanders into a flower bed, he or she will be exposed to cold spray.

2. Hot Chili Shock

The jolt of hot pepper is an occupational therapist that is a mixture of smells – a smell that is generally not liked at all. You can also make this poison at home using black pepper. However, the vocational option also has the mother, which helps them to learn better from the facilities around them.

3. Bitter Apple

This spray only works if your cat likes to chew on your flowers. This is an aftertaste. So, it doesn’t really work unless your cat tastes it.
Although this method won’t work all the time, sometimes it does, depending on your cat and what they are doing in the garden.
You can find this spray online and at many pet stores.

4. Stinky Plants

There are many plants whose smell cats do not like. When cats are presented with these stinky plants, they generally avoid them at all costs. There are many different plants that fall into this category.

5.Bird net

If none of these methods work (or you’re just waiting for your stinkbug plants to grow), you can use bird netting over the flowers to keep them safe. Of course, this method is not preferable to others as it can mess with the aesthetics of your flowers. No one wants to look helplessly at their covered flower beds!

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