Dog Care Tips: How to Check Dogs Heart Rate

If you want to check your dog’s heartbeat, you’ve come to the right place. In this, we will provide expert tips and tricks on how to properly check a dog’s heart rate.

5 Steps to Check a Dog’s Heart Rate
1.Getting started

Before you try to take your dog’s pulse, prepare everything you need:Calm, peaceful atmosphere. Your dog must be relaxed before taking his pulse.stopwatch or timerA notebook, paper, or some other means of recording your findings

2. Find your dog’s pulse.

Gently place a finger on your dog’s left chest, at the point where their left elbow meets the body.
This location is known as the point of maximum impulse (PMI) and is one of the best places to appreciate the pulse. If your dog is in a healthy weight range and you can feel his ribs, you can gently count the ribs to find your way to the heart. Dogs have 13 pairs of ribs. Start by feeling the last rib and move to ribs 7, 6, 5, and 4. You should be able to find a pulse in this area with your finger.

3.Count the beats.

Once you find a pulse, count the heartbeats for one minute or until your dog cooperates.

4. Count the pulse.


If your dog cooperates for one minute, the number will be his beats per minute (BPM). If your dog stops cooperating before the minutes are up, multiply the number you recorded by the appropriate factor to determine his beats per minute.



It’s best to measure your dog’s pulse at the same time and ideally from the same location each time you do this. If your dog is healthy and problem-free, reading once per week is often considered sufficient. There’s no harm in taking measurements more frequently, especially if you want to get more exercise or are conce

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