Why does my cat sleep on me?

Once cats become attached to you, they feel extremely secure and love cuddles. By sleeping snuggled against you, your cat is telling you that it wants to be near you. This behavior resembles that of kittens

Why does my cat sleep on me? 3 possible explanations
1. Relationship and security

Cats replenish their energy by taking a series of naps throughout the day rather than one long sleep like humans do. Cats also remain in a state of light sleep during many of these naps.

Why do they do this? This keeps going back to the natural hunting instincts of cats. Cats are almost always ready to defend themselves or attack prey, so even when they appear to be sleeping deeply, their sense of hearing and smell is so acute that they can take immediate action if needed. Can do.

2. Hot areas of your body

Cats are naturally attracted to warm places. You might have seen your cat roaming near the heater or wood stove, especially during cold days.Some parts of your body are warmer than others, and that’s probably why your cat prefers to sleep on them. These could include your chest, lap or even your face!

3. Reliance

Any cat owner knows that gaining your kitty’s trust is no easy feat. So if you find your cat sleeping on you, consider it a compliment because it means that she considers you a part of her family.Remember, when cats are sleeping, they are most vulnerable, so they may choose to only cuddle with people who feel safe while they are with them.

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