How to Litter Train Baby Kittens

Litter training your kitten really shouldn’t be that different. Encourage your kittens to use the litter box by gently picking them up and placing them in the litter box periodically. The best time to put them in the litter box is right after they’ve eaten, or if they’ve just woken up from one of their many cat naps.

4 .steps to litter training kittens

1. Choose the right litter box

Choosing the best litter box for your cat is the first step to successful litter behavior. Kittens are small, so pet parents can start with a small litter box that will hold their new companion and gradually move up to a larger box as their pet grows. Can. Cats should be able to stand, turn, and sit comfortably without touching the sides of the box.

2. Choose your trash

There are a variety of cat litters available at pet retailers, so it may take some testing to find the right litter for your kitten. Cat litter is usually made of clay, pine, corn, recycled newspaper or silica gel. The waste also comes in scented and unscented varieties. Start by using litter that your kitten can use before coming to your home.

3. How to Start Litter Training in a Confined Space

When starting to litter train your kitten, put them in a confined room – such as a bedroom – and show them where the box is. It may also be helpful to gently lower your kitten into the litter box to encourage her to use it. Once your cat gets used to using the box regularly

4. Choose the right place for the litter box


Choosing the location of the litter box in your home is very important. This should be in a quiet, low-traffic area, but not one that is too far from human contact. The bathroom is usually a good option. Never place the litter box directly near the cat’s food and water bowls and make sure the area is relatively noise-free. Laundry rooms with loud washers and dryers are not an ideal trash room.

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