Tips for a Clean Home and Healthy Cat

cleaning up after kitty

Your fabulous cat may think that cat hair is the best accessory. Look for a product with strong suction that has a strong attachment to pet hair. Don’t forget to vacuum the chairs and curtains. Put on wet rubber gloves and rub your hands over your cat’s favorite spots.

keeping your cat clean

Cats do a good job of cleaning themselves, but if they get really dirty – or if anyone in your house has allergies, you may need a bath. Start by clipping your cat’s nails to prevent scratching. You can do this yourself with cat nail clippers – ask your veterinarian to show you how.

No More Fleas and Ticks

It doesn’t matter what type of flea prevention you use – spot-on-the-back, flea collar, pills, or shampoo – follow the directions carefully. Do not use adult cat products on kittens, and never use dog products on cats.

get fleas out of the house

If your cat brings in fleas, it’s time for a serious cleaning. Vacuum every day, including under upholstered furniture, cracks in floors, and baseboards. Then replace the vacuum bag or wash the canister in hot, soapy water. Wash or replace the bedding they sleep on (including your bed), and consider steam cleaning your carpets.
like litter box

Cats, even when it comes to their litter. Some people prefer odorless loose soil. Sprinkle a little baking soda on the bottom to get rid of the odor. Clean garbage at least once a day. Throw it out and wash the entire compartment once or twice a week for clay litter or every 2 to 3 weeks for clumps. And while you may like the liner and cover, your cat may disagree. Liners may interfere with scratching. And, for cats, covered boxes may smell like a port-o-potty.

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