7 Possible Ways to Cat-Proof a Guinea Pig Cage

When you have cats and small caged animals, one of the biggest fears for any pet owner is that the cat will find and attack other pet.

7 Ways to Protect Guinea Pig Cage from Cats

1.Choose a Sturdy, Dependable Cage

The first thing you want to do is choose a sturdy, reliable cage to house your little guinea pig. You may have to spend a little more than you plan to buy a high-quality, durable cage, but it is worth the money. In the long run.

2. Consider additional locks

Most guinea pig cages are designed to keep your pet in, not your cat out.

3. Invest in a mesh cover

Make sure you get a mesh cover that can withstand the jumping and scratching of your cat when trying to get into the cage.

4.Encircle the cageYou can surround the cage with several barriers to keep your cat away from the cage. Cats don’t like certain scents, such as citrus and cayenne pepper. Place a small bowl of one of the deterrents near the cage to deter your cat from coming close.

5.Invest in a Pet-Proofing KitJust as you can find baby-proofing kits, you can purchase pet-proofing kits online or at your local pet store. The kits are made to help you keep your pets out of things that could hurt them.

6. Use a dog crate

If you are still worried that your cat is going to attack your little furry friend, you can use a dog crate to protect your guinea pig.

7. Keep your guinea pig completely away from other pets

The safest way to keep your guinea pig from getting hurt or harassed by your cat is to keep it away from other pets.

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