How to put on weight on a dog 4 healthy tips

If you have an underweight dog, gaining weight can also be stressful. People can be very quick to judge, even if you try your best to get your dog to gain weight back. Call your vet if you’re really struggling with your dog’s weight gain. Dogs who are losing weight despite eating food, or experiencing sudden changes in appetite

There are 4 steps :-

1. She will eat when she is hungry


If your dog skips a meal or two or is just having trouble adjusting to the new situation, he may even start eating again once things feel right.Just keep offering food in different forms. She’ll eat when she’s ready – and that may take some time! Be patient and keep trying!

2. She will eat when she is healthy

If the change in your dog’s eating habits continues for more than a few days, see a veterinarian. Just go to the vet and get a professional opinion.Loss of appetite and weight loss can both be potential signs of serious medical conditions.

3. If the food is tasty, she will eat it

As a dog sitter, I often deal with dogs who are disinterested in their food. Some dogs don’t eat well when their owners are gone – they just don’t miss them! However, dogs will have difficulty turning their noses up to a truly drool-worthy dinner.

If your dog won’t eat when left alone, it may be related to separation anxiety.

4. She’ll eat when she’s less stressed

Some dogs refuse to eat when stressed. Don’t take this as disobedient or intentional. Rather, consider it your dog’s way of telling you that he is really struggling to cope with life at the moment.Some of my former dog-sitting clients now eat dinner with me because they know me and feel safe with me when their owner is gone.

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