6 Tips to Help You Train Your Puppy

Puppy training can seem overwhelming. A new puppy has a lot to learn. not to worry! These tips can help you with puppy training so that your new pet becomes a happy and healthy member of your family.

01. Socializing

Socialization is exactly what it sounds like: it’s about getting your puppy out and experiencing new people, places, and situations. Puppies who are well socialized usually become well-adjusted adults. The most common behavioral concerns in dogs can stem from a lack of proper early socialization, such as fearfulness, aggression, and excessive barking.
02. House Training

Most new puppy owners put burglary at the top of their list of priorities. After all, it’s sad when your dog pees in the house. House training is one of the first things you’ll work on with your new puppy.

03. Crate Training

A crate is used to confine a puppy when you fail to supervise him. If your puppy is given enough time to be in his crate, it may become one of his favorite places.

04. Imprisonment

A puppy should not be kept in his crate for more than a few hours at a time. However, he should not have the authority to run the entire household, even when you are home to supervise him.

05. Prevent Destructive Chewing


Puppies love to chew. This probably isn’t news to most people, especially those with a new puppy at home. Rather than trying to prevent a puppy from chewing, teach him which things are appropriate chew toys.

06. Bite Inhibition

Puppies begin to learn bite inhibition from their mothers and through interaction with littermates. Bite inhibition is important because it keeps you safe from those needle-like puppy teeth.

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