This DOG grabs EVERYTHING in the house!

Does your dog enjoy stealing you belongings and making a dash? We have a few suggestions for getting your belongings back quickly.

Try these tricks when your dog steals something:

1. Run the other way

In fact. Chasing your dog almost guarantees that she will run away her motivation for stuff-grabbing is to get you to play, she may be just as happy to chase you.

2. Quietly follow your dog

If your dog wants to keep your stuff rather than play with you, any noise and fury on your part will cement her intentions and make it infinitely harder to get the thing away from her. You also risk creating aggression in a dog that already protects, or teaching this to someone who cannot yet protect it.. Be calm and cheerful. I know; it’s hard to be calm and cheerful when your dog has your valuable heirloom keepsake. Do it anyway.

3. Trade for treats

Now that she’s not running away, your best chance at getting your thing back unshrouded is to have your dog give it up willingly. If you try to grab it, you may get caught in a tug of war game and your belongings will get damaged. To trade, simply convince your dog to drop your thing in exchange for something irresistible.

4. Throw a toy for your dog fetch


If your dog is more into tennis balls or plush toys than treats, engage her in play with her toy to get her to let go of yours. Keep at least one very favorite toy on a shelf in every room. The sound of her squeaky toy, or the mere sight of her beloved ball or tug rope, is usually enough for a toy-fanatic to drop your possession so she can go after hers.

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