Why Does My Dog Bow?

The bow is also commonly known as the “play bow” because it best expresses how they are feeling. Bows are a common body language gesture that dogs also use as a form of communication. This playful gesture is often their way of saying that they want to play too. This is the most widely disseminated message that dogs will succumb to.

Brief Overview of Understanding How Dogs Communicate

Dogs also seem to communicate with their owners and fellow pets in many ways. Dogs rely on vocalizations – a complex series of barks, grunts, growls and yelps – which also indicate different desires and moods. They also communicate through body language. The position of a dog’s ears or a wagging tail are visual signals about their wants and needs, as is the posture called a “play bow.”

3 Interesting Reasons Why Your Dog Bows

1. Invite friendly play: For dogs, the primary function of play bows is to invite another dog or person to play with them. Extending and pressing their front legs against the ground tells the other dog they feel excitement. Crouching low on the ground removes any sense of social hierarchy from the play: This is how a dog tells its potential playmate it’s friendly and submissive.

2. Promote more play: If a play partner grows tired, your dog may play bow again to show that it wants to continue the play session.

3. Socialize: This dog behavior can relate to different social interactions.For example, a dog may apologize for rough play by bowing to another dog. Play fetch is also a very important element in puppy play and dog socialization as it teaches young dogs about appropriate behavior. By initiating play with an adult dog, puppies learn which types of behavior and energy levels are acceptable in social situations.

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