5 signs that your cat loves you

Our cat friends don’t always make their feelings clear, so how do you know if your cat loves you?Pets have their own ways of expressing how they feel. -And chances are your cat is actually your number one secret admirer.

1. grooming

Several studies show that your furry friend actually also sees you as a member of their cat family – that is, as a much larger cat (one that isn’t particularly good at hunting). If she licks or grooms you, you can usually take it as a pretty good sign that you’ve become a beloved part of her clan.

2. cutting

Kittens tend to show affection to each other through playful biting behavior, and your cat may do the same to you. However, don’t react badly if those sharp little teeth start to hurt, as this could leave her quite confused.

3. Eye contact

If you’re wondering how to tell if your cat loves you, pay attention to the signs that she’s completely comfortable with you. Cats love to make eye contact with a stranger – whether kitten or human. Understand it only as a threat. If she’s happy to look into your eyes, and especially if she blinks slowly while doing so, she has lovingly accepted you as one of her own.

4. Head-butt

Cats mark their territory using scent glands on their cheeks and head. So by head-butting you, or rubbing his chin against you, your cat friend is affectionately claiming you as his.

5. Generous ‘gifts’

If your cat tells you about the prey she catches, she can also play the role of a teacher – just as she can teach her kittens how to hunt. Since she has never actually seen you hold your food, she may easily assume that you are the family member who needs a lot of teaching!

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