How to make my pit-bull muscular.

Do you have a Pitbull and are you wondering how you can help him get that signature piti look? Maintaining proper nutrition and exercise is one of the most important things you can do to help your furry friend gain the thick muscles with which we all associate Pitbull’s. If you have a pit-bull or want to adopt one,

Why are Pitbull’s so muscular?


Before we consider how to make your Pitbull bigger, let’s look at why they actually look that way. Unfortunately, Pitbull have had a rough history when it comes to their muscular look.


For many years, Pitbull were known for their aggressive nature. However, after years of public campaigns to bring awareness to the issue, the public has begun to accept it as a stereotype. Pitbull became known as aggressive animals due to unsafe breeding and bullfighting practices. People also bred Pitbull to be as strong as possible to win in dogfighting or bullfighting matches.


Genetics are another factor that keeps the Pitbull so strong. There are four recognized types of Pitbull breeds, including: The four most recognized breeds share similar traits but are quite different dogs. Depending on the breed of Pitbull you have, their nutrition, exercise, and genetics are very different.
diet and exercise

Pitbull are very high energy dogs. They can run long distances and have the strength to pull a lot of weight. Since they are active breeds, they also tend to develop a lean and muscular body structure. The Pitbull’s leanness contributes to his speed and agility, while his core muscles increase his strength and power.

With the best of both worlds, it’s easy to see why anyone would love this breed.

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