Winter season means cute cats in my house

We don’t know what happens in your house during the winter season, but in my house, I always feel that the cold weather brings with it the warmth of cute cats.

Not only do my cats always cuddle with me, and never want to leave my side – they also cuddle with each other, which is a super-cute bonus in my books. It took a while for Avery to socialize with other cats.

Avery is definitely weird, not only because he’s the only cat who isn’t part Persian, but also because the other cats knew each other before we took him in. Then strange and adorable things happen, usually when cats can readjust their position.

Too cute for words!

The Athos is the weirdest of the three when it comes to sleeping positions. Once he even went so far as to put his entire head on Björn to use as a pillow while he slept in my lap!

Crazy Kitty!

These two look very cute together. I have a theory that Athos is Bjorn’s father, because the two look like twins – okay, okay brother or something. They look so cute when they cuddle together, which is often, even if I don’t initiate the cuddling session.

It took a long time for Avery to come along, but now that he has, I have a cat home where all three boys are happy to live together and don’t fuss or fight so much. Sometimes I’ll even catch them playing with each other! It’s crazy because of how aggressive Avery used to be when I brought home my other cat, Bjorn.

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