Dogs go to a spa for the first time

Are you a new pet parent looking for a safe, fun pet spa for your pet? Are you unsure how to groom your dog or cat at home this summer? Do you want expert care for your senior pet who may be shy around strangers? look no further!

Why does my pet need to be vaccinated?

Your pet and your safety is extremely important to us. In the interest of your pet’s safety and immunity as well as the safety of the groomer, vaccinations should be up to date.

Why do you use a hoodie during the drying process at the spa?

The reason for using a hoodie during the drying process is to ensure that the sound of the blow dryer does not disturb your pet and cause them stress. It helps cover your pet’s ears which blocks out noise and drafts of wind – both of which can be uncomfortable for your pet.

What time should I come to pick up my pet?

Your pet was still eagerly waiting to meet you after his grooming session. Therefore, we advise pet parents to reach the store 10 minutes before the end of the session. This will ensure that the pet does not have to wait for long after grooming and remains stress free.

Why is it not recommended to just get a haircut?

We also need to wash your pet’s coat so that it is well set, which in turn helps us a lot to get a clean and even result of the haircut. The bathing process also helps us a lot in cleansing, detangling and conditioning our hair. Many pets visit our spa on a daily basis. Bathing them keeps the hygiene aspect in order.

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