Reasons Why Your Pet May Itch: Understanding Common Causes and Treatments

As a pet parent, I have always noticed my dogs Luna and Max scratching, licking and shaking their ears, paws and back even when they go into town.
No matter how many years of experience someone has with their pets, there always seems to be something new to learn each time. Such was the case with my pet’s tendency to itch.

Why is my dog so itchy?

Unfortunately, your dog’s act of scratching itself may also be a simple act of self-cleaning. The main thing is to pay close attention to your dog’s behaviour.

I spent some time “calculating” and by calculating I mean watching Luna scratch herself and realizing how uncomfortable her facial expressions and body language were as well.

Food Allergies We love our dogs so much that it becomes very difficult to resist giving them some harmless looking food. But many pet parents don’t realize that even simple ingredients like sugary biscuits, processed meats or certain fruits can trigger food-related allergies.

Earwax What I learned from my vet is that earwax can be harmful to a dog, depending on how sensitive their bodies are. This can also lead to a painful infection which involves regularly cleaning the ears and massaging ear drops into their ears. So it is always a good idea to have them checked whenever we visit a veterinarian and attend some routine care at HUFT Spa.

Wrong Shampoo Every dog shampoo is designed differently. Some are good for shiny coats, and some are relatively strong as they are tick repellent shampoos. It is important to see how your dog is reacting to your shampoo of choice as sometimes some of the chemicals can lead to fungal infections.

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