How to choose healthy food for pets?


Even as loving pet parents, we all want our pets to get good nutrition so that they can live long and happy lives. Therefore, choosing a healthy diet is an important decision for dogs and cats as well.


But with so many products flooding the pet industry now, it is becoming increasingly difficult for anyone to know where to start and even which sources to trust. So we’ve done a little research and put together some tips about choosing healthy pet food

Know what your pet needs

Every pet is unique and their nutritional needs are also unique. You want to choose a diet that meets these four:

1. Your pet’s species:

Dogs and cats have different nutritional requirements. Find a diet that’s tailored specifically for each one. For example, while both require a meat-based diet, cats have a special need for taurine which they cannot make in their own bodies.

Be sure to pay attention to popular pet food myths. If you have concerns or doubts about what your pet needs, contact a dog or cat nutritionist or your nearest veterinarian.

2. Life Stage:

How old is your pet? Are they growing up and reaching their senior years? Newborn puppies and kittens need their mother’s milk and lots of calcium as they grow. Older dogs will need adjusted food amounts and key supplements for bone, joint, heart and cognitive health.

3. Special Terms:

Pregnant or lactating (lactating) female dogs and cats also need a good diet to maintain their ideal weight and ensure that their offspring also get adequate nutrition.

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