Keep Your Dog Cool in the Summer

Summer is here and so is the brutal heat wave, which can be extremely challenging for our pets.

As pet parents, we are worried about the health and well being of our pets. We’re here with tips to make this easy and even fun season for you and your pet, even with basic precautions.

Make A Splash

What’s a better way to relax in the summer than a regular grooming session with lots of bubbles, splashes, and even your pet’s favourite shampoo? Grooming sessions are a great way to keep your pets cool during the summer. Additionally, it helps them relax and gives you an opportunity to bond with your pets better.

Take The Scenic Route

If you are a dog parent, you’d know how important their daily walks are. The hot weather might make it difficult to get them their well-needed exercise We recommend that you also take your dogs out for a walk in the evening when the weather is a little cooler. You can also apply healing balm to your pet’s paws before the walk to prevent cracks in their paws from the hot concrete.

Have Fun Indoors

Some days may just be too warm for your pets to be roaming outside. This is an amazing opportunity for fun things to do with your pets as a way to bond with them. Staying indoors all day can also make your pets lazy and have a negative impact on their mental health. It’s better to use interactive toys and keep them occupied and mentally healthy or surprise them by making them their favourite meal.

Have A Pool Party

Pool parties are a great new way for your dogs to not only relax and unwind but also spend time socializing and having fun with other dogs. Since the tick and flea season is also around the corner, make sure you apply a natural bug repellent oil on their bodies before they run off to have the time of their lives. Your dogs will thank you for this!

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