4 reasons why cats purr


Cats, unlike dogs, are independent creatures. They are mostly satisfied with their company. So when it comes to cats, it is mostly us, cat parents, who crave their attention and want their loving response towards all pets.

It is incredibly satisfying to see our pets show us love and affection by communicating with us in their own ways. For most people, this is their cat meowing. We always consider the sweet sound of their thunder as a heavenly sound

So, what causes cats to meow?

It is formed by the larynx, which is also called the sound box. Purring is the result of the movement of the muscles of the larynx. When these muscles move, they contract and expand the glottis, part of the larynx.

Healing, also known as Pure Therapy

The release of pus is sometimes voluntary, but sometimes it is spontaneous. Cats make light purring sounds to soothe themselves when stressed or injured, just as humans soothe themselves by crying when they are hurt or stressed.

call for attention

Most animals are born without the ability to see or even hear. It is only when they are about two weeks old that they begin to see and hear clearly. This is where it is useful for kittens to purr early on.

Kittens use this sound to let their mother know where they are and to remind her that it is time to feed and that they are hungry.

communicating their feelings

This is a reason which most of you also know. It’s a relaxing day, your cat is curled up in your lap, caressing it gently, and you hear your cat purring incessantly.


If you have just come back from a long vacation or a long day at work and your cat starts growling at you, moving around and rubbing against your legs, they are welcoming you back. . This is their way of letting you know that they are happy to have you back home.

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