5 reasons why cats sleep so much

When cats remain lost in their dreams, oblivious of the world, and keep sleeping for hours, they look very cute. But, as a cat parent, this may concern you, too, and you may even wonder.

Cats sleep about 15 to 20 hours a day. Their sleep time varies according to their age. Older cats tend to sleep longer than younger cats.

1.Genes play a role in why cats sleep so much.

Wild cats are hunters by nature. They are nocturnal hunters and hunt during the early morning and evening twilight. The rest of the time, they sit and sleep to recuperate all the energy they expend while hunting.

2.Energy conservation is another reason why cats sleep so much.

They enjoy short naps or naps lasting up to thirty minutes when they are well acquainted with their surroundings, sounds and smells. Their ears may twitch at certain sounds, and their tail may also wag.

3.Like us humans, cats also sleep due to boredom.

With their parents busy with work, cats may lose the enthusiasm to play alone, so they start dozing off simply out of boredom. The best way to keep them occupied is to provide cat toys for them to play with. Cats also like to play or chase, just like dogs.

4.Prolonged sleep coupled with inactivity is a sign of stress.

There may be some underlying cause that may trigger stressful feelings, and your cat may cope with the stress by sleeping more. Keeping a close eye on your cat will help you pinpoint the reason why they appear lethargic or overly sleepy.

5.Another reason why cats sleep more and are less active is because they are sick.

The underlying pain may cause your cat to stay in bed for longer periods of time, as any movement must feel painful. If they are overweight they may also experience pain and discomfort, and therefore sleep more.

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