Can cats have nightmares?

When you have a cat, you get a lot of time to watch them sleep as they can spend 12-16 hours a day resting. You’ll also notice them shivering and moving while sleeping, and their eyes will move rapidly back and forth like humans sometimes do while sleeping.

How much do cats sleep per day?

Studies show that cats sleep an average of 12.1 hours every day, a little more than half the day, and some cats can sleep up to 16 hours. With all this sleeping time, there is plenty of time for dreams as well as nightmares.

cats nightmares

As long as a cat can dream, it’s likely that it can have nightmares, just like humans can. The dreams your cat is having may not always be pleasant, and she may be dreaming of being chased or involved in a fight, and she may wake up stressed, agitated, frightened, and angry.

Which cats have nightmares?

Any cat can have a nightmare, but owners here say that the frequency of nightmares is much higher in cats with a traumatic experience in their past, such as being hit by a car, a bad fight. To fall into, or live in, a shelter. These cats have life experience that the brain can use to create a nightmare experience for your pet.

How can I help a cat who has had a nightmare?

If you’re worried that your cat has had a nightmare because he woke up agitated, the best thing you can do is provide comfort. In many cases, a soothing voice and a gentle backstroke will help bring your cat back to reality. However, if it is running uncontrollably, we recommend waiting a few minutes before attempting to touch it.

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