How to Teach Dog to Jump into Your Arms


What’s a Shoulder Cat?

A shoulder cat is a cat that willingly will sit on their human´s shoulder. This behaviour can come naturally to some cats, but it can also be trained.

Cats can make us, humans, feel special in many ways. Sometimes they´ll choose to be petted and show affection by sitting on our laps. Other times just by being present and staring at us, with their eyes wide open, from the other side of the room. Some cats, take making us feel special to the next level by perching on our shoulders.

Why do some cats perch on people’s shoulders?


Cats also often prefer to sit on human shoulders for a higher vantage point. Cats’ desire for height is also innate. They can also see ahead from a high vantage point, which greatly helped the ancestors of our domestic cats to hunt and detect predators. While our domesticated cats often have Even indoors there is no hunting opportunity and they have no natural enemies to fear, yet they find safety on high ground.

What is the benefit of carrying a cat on your shoulder?

Letting your cat sit comfortably on your shoulder can be very useful for many reasons. My favourite:

1.When you need to keep your hands free but want to keep your cat close to you.

2.On outdoor adventures: even when hiking, to move faster while traveling or even in airports to pass security checkpoints because you are traveling somewhere.

3.I also appreciate shoulder training whenever we encounter a dog, which sadly happens more often than we would like.

How can I make my cat a shoulder cat

Shoulder cats aren’t always born that way, but don´t worry, it can be taught and you are about to learn how.If your cat doesn’t sit on your shoulder too naturally, we are also going to use clicker training to train them to sit on command. If you don’t know what clicker training is, I encourage you to read a bit about it as it will help you going forward.

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