How to stop kittens from biting

Preventing a kitten from biting helps you understand why it feels the need to attack in the first place. The key to successful retraining is to identify your kitten’s motivation. Kittens usually bite for three main reasons: they’re excited, they get caught up in the heat of play, or they’re scared. With a little patience, your kitten can be taught to stop biting and adopt better habits instead.

Dealing with misdirected sporting behavior

Understand that kittens learn to play gently with their companions. An important part of a kitten’s early life is biting its companions. It is from the bites and scratches of her fellow kitties that she learns what hurts and how to hit things.

control fear-induced biting

Never cut off your kitten’s escape route. A trapped kitten will feel overwhelmed and may even bite as a means of defense. If she has gone to the ground, release her. Pulling him out from under the bed will only increase his feelings of fear and reinforce that he is right to be afraid.
If your kitten is hiding somewhere out of fear, place some food or a treat within his reach and leave the room. When he feels the danger has passed, he will have a reason to come out which should reward him for ‘bravery’ in coming out of his hiding place

Dealing with Excited Kittens

Understand that redirected aggression is just one of the most common reasons for your kitten to become agitated. Redirected aggression is responsible for half of the attacks by cats on people, so she also redirects her pent-up emotion onto the next closest thing. Often this is the person who bothers her and she pounces on him and bites.

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