How to stop kittens from crying

Are you the proud parent of a new kitten, these cute and cuddly creatures are growing rapidly and have a variety of needs. But your sweet new kitten may also cry often, which can cause discomfort. By finding out the reason for his crying and consoling him, you can also stop him from crying.

Detecting your kitten’s cry

Learn about kitten development. Kittens also go through specific stages of development. Learning about these can also help you figure out why your kitten is crying and the best way to console him. The stages of development of kittens are:

Birth to 2 weeks: While the kitten is oriented toward sounds and has its eyes open, separation from its mother or litter mates can also cause behavioral problems.

comforting your kitten

Hold your kitten. Most kittens enjoy being held and petted by their human parents. It can mimic the comfort provided by its mother and this has the benefit of connecting with it socially and helping it develop at its best.

Play with your kitten. Play is another important part of a kitten’s development and bonding experience with you. Crying may indicate that your kitten wants attention and playing is a good way to provide it.

Keep a supply of age-appropriate toys for your kitten, such as balls and large toy mice that he can’t swallow. Also keep a scratching pad on hand.

Make a comfortable bed for your kitten. Giving your kitten a comfortable place to sleep can go a long way to comfort and soothe him, which can help with his crying. You can buy a cat bed or even line a box with a soft towel or blanket.

Consider using an item you have on the bed, such as a sweatshirt or blanket. This will help your kitten get used to your smell.

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