Whether to buy or adopt and rehome a puppy or kitten?


Everyone’s circumstances are different when it comes to raising a family, and while some people choose adoption, others turn to a breeder. There is no right or wrong in this, both have advantages and disadvantages if done properly. Here are some things to consider before visiting a rescue center or finding a breeder.

Benefits of adopting a cat or dog

help save a life

By adopting even one pet, you are not only providing a forever home for a cat or dog in need, but you will also now have extra space for another animal at the shelter.

could be a cheaper job

Even when it comes to adopting a cat or dog, there may be a small fee to pay. This may vary between different centres, but your donation will allow the charity to help more cats and dogs who are in desperate need of help.

Disadvantages of adopting a cat or dog

You Might Not Know Their Exact Breed

Cats and dogs, even at rescue centres, are just as smart, capable, and beautiful as any pet you can buy from a breeder, but sometimes you won’t know their breed, especially if they’re mixed breed.

You won’t get the kitten and puppy stages

If you adopt an older pet, you don’t get to enjoy their kitten and puppy stages. Some people may see this as a pro since you have to give up house training and constant chewing, but others also prefer the first few months of a young pet’s life. Some rehoming centres are sometimes in great need of finding homes for kittens and puppies, so don’t completely exclude rescue from your options.

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