Why isn’t anyone adopting black cats?


Have you ever wondered why there are so many black cats waiting for their forever home, even at your local rescue center? Do you know why they are less likely to find a home than other coloured cats? We explore some of the reasons why we should celebrate black cats, too.

Black cats throughout history


Cats were also worshiped as incarnations of gods and were pampered by priests. Then, in ancient Rome, cats became associated with the goddess Diana (later Queen of the Witches) and were also celebrated as symbols of fertility.

Lucky or unfortunate?

Despite all that these cats have suffered at our hands, they still suffer, even though our beliefs and superstitions have changed over the centuries. If some people are reluctant to rescue a black cat because they cannot be photographed well, there are many other reasons why we should give them a home.

Midlands, black cats and weddings

Some counties in England believe that giving a black cat as a wedding gift will bring good luck to the bride! We don’t think people should give kittens as gifts, but it’s nice to know that they are seen as a good omen for change. It is also believed that if an unmarried woman keeps a black cat as a pet then there is never any shortage of men to choose her.

Cats as acquaintances

Familiars are believed to be supernatural animals that assist witches in the practice of magic and help protect their witchcraft from harm. Considering black cats and their history with certain goddesses, especially Diana, it’s no surprise that witches and black cats have such a good relationship.

Maneli Niko

In Chinese and Japanese culture, this pointing cat is a symbol of good luck where its colors and accessories have different meanings. It is said that black menuki keno keeps away evil spirits

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