How to take care of pets in monsoon?


It is raining cats and dogs outside but infection should not rain on your cats or dogs. “What do we mean?” this is easy. We love rain, drinking hot chocolate, eating pakoras, not thinking of any excuse not to go out etc. But there is another side to rain, your pets, especially dogs, are more vulnerable to water-borne diseases and infections during rains.

1. Don’t let dogs outside!

Wet fur attracts fungal and bacterial infections. Avoid going out with pets when it is raining and make sure they stay away from bushes and trees when going out. Try having some fun with them indoors during the rain to make up for the time lost outside. Be sure to use a hairdryer to dry its hair when going out in the rain and try using a pet raincoat.

2. Healthy diet fixes everything!

Rain means less physical activity outside, which can lead to digestive problems. Do not give fruits to your pet as fruits are difficult to digest. Also, make sure the food is wheat, soy, and corn free. Dogs prefer wet food in monsoon and hence, you should try to give homemade balanced food which contains a mixture of rice, chicken or lamb and oats. Giving fiber rich food will make digestion easier and bowel movements will be controlled.

3. Prevent infection!

If infections are not detected in time, they can grow and become more difficult to treat. Avoid exposing your dog to unhygienic conditions that can be home to infections and germs. Pay attention to excessive itching, scratching, changed odor, and licking.

4. Protect from ticks

Ticks love monsoons and they wait in wet leaf piles, grassy areas and dense vegetation to attack your pet. Avoid such areas during walks. Make sure your pet’s resting area is insect-free and dry.

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